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Viking princess

Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong. Though of course I’m not a Princess, so maybe it’s just a rank thing? You must go to the original site and look at the closeups. Her headgear is particularly nice.


You’re in luck!!! I wrote a very long post early this morning about the excessively long and complicated day I had yesterday, punctuated by phrases like “11-hour work day” and “cumulative distribution function” and “vacuuming the couch”, and conspicuously lacking words like “knitting” or “yarn” or “beer”. But no sooner did I get it written […]

Alexander Calder’s jewelry

I’ve always liked Alexander Calder’s work, especially the mobiles. The grace and the balance with which those red and black pieces of steel were assembled makes them a pleasure to watch. The mobiles especially hit that intriguing interface between art and mathematics and science. NPR this morning had an article on Calder’s jewelry in honor […]