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Water everywhere

Some recent water adventures were bad. But now I’m prepared for the rest! Because I am an incompetent blogger, I wrote the above post on July 4 and never actually posted it. Since then I have demonstrated that the smaller kayak fits in my Forester just fine, so I can go out by myself any […]

Stay hydrated

All of you in heat-stricken areas, please be careful and drink a lot of water today. Here’s Morgan the Ferocious Monster to show you how it’s done. And remember, everything you have actually belongs to the cat. This public service announcement has been brought to you by Felines First.


Happy Independence Day for those of you who are in the US. And for the rest of you, at least it’s Saturday, right? I had Friday off, and have been trying to catch up on the many things that were neglected while I was out of town: lawn, work, things with deadlines, things past their […]


This time of year, everything grows on it’s own, and I can’t even keep up with it. I have an entire pot full of volunteer wild pansies. The pea plants are doing quite well, despite the tiny patch (and lack of stakes). Balance requires some shrinkage elsewhere, don’t you think?

Friday photos

I’ve been taking lots of photos, spring flowers especially. Those photos have been sitting idle on my camera’s memory card, twiddling their thumbs, just waiting for their turn. Impatiently. Even this one, the most graceful and loveliest poison ivy plant I’ve ever seen. (Not mine; it was spotted in a local park.) And healthy too: […]

Signs of autumn

Boy do I feel stupid. On Friday I started this post, writing about how you know that spring is coming when the daffodils poke up, and the birds start to sing, and that you know it’s autumn when the wool starts to appear. I had wool socks on for the first time in months, on […]

Summer haul

Today I visited one of the five weekly farmer’s markets within two miles of my house. The tomatoes came from my garden, but they still count, right? Sweet corn, tomatoes, blackberries, a taste picture of a Pennsylvania summer day. And brussels sprouts too, having found the perfect recipe. The other acquisition? A chocolate beet cake. […]


How wonderful to lie in bed and listen to rain falling outside my window. Here, there has been no rain for the entire month of August, plus a bit of July. Things were getting rather crunchy. Who knows, it might even rain tomorrow.

Exciting weather

There was a tornado extremely close to where I grew up! It went across water and uninhabited hunting land, fortunately. Here, just heat and thunderstorms, though I was in a Pennsylvania tornado quite a few years ago. That SCA tall tale about the tornado hitting an event, and a tree landing on some poor guy? […]