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Jenny Dean is doing a series of articles on Anglo-Saxon dyeing, with pretty pictures (Part 1, Part 2). I’ve been doing some modern dyeing, but for a Viking purpose: much more of the insane silk for a larger project. I want to end up with enough for the front of an apron dress. I’m thinking, […]

Talent vs appearance

The story of Susan Boyle is making the rounds – even hit CNN today – but I’m posting it here anyway, just because. Go watch this, then read that. (Do resist the urge to look away and watch the whole video.)


I’m in awe of the herd dogs, actually.

Poppets see the future

I’ve already introduced you to poppets and their pastimes, and have inspired at least two readers to bring some home. What I didn’t realize was that poppets are talented prognosticators. Through their powers, I’ve learned more about the origins of these mysterious creatures, and am sharing my new insights with you all.

Poppets go shopping

Who knew how much poppets like the produce section? They were less sure of the bakery. More


While I have it on good authority that five things make a post, I only have three. 1. I have tickets for Coraline tonight (official website not working for me right now). Go see it. In 3D if at all possible. Go. Now. The other two things will be here when you get back. 2. […]

A couple of unrelated links

A couple of completely unrelated things found online… Melissa Etheridge weighs in on the passing of Prop 8 in California. I read this interview with artist Lisa Snellings-Clark when it first came out, but one part stuck in my head, and I have to share. Lisa said: “Jane Frank gave me a great piece of […]

The photo version

Fabulous: (photo languishing on my camera since Halloween) Not fabulous: (except that it’s a very appealing tree with its leaves off). It’s not supposed to even snow enough to shovel, but still…


Thursday morning I set off for the Poconos. It’s about a three-hour drive, through lovely rural Pennsylvania (on an interstate, but rural despite that), through hills and farmland, and through some peak fall colors. The weather was lovely, and the trees were gorgeous. I could trace the topography in the colors: green in the valleys, […]

Bits from the internet

Some odds and ends: Neil Gaiman is on tour for his new book right now. He’s reading one chapter per stop, and each chapter is being videotaped and put online. Not the same as being there, but really a nice plan. I’m interested to watch people who make stuff work out ways to put it […]