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The knitting

I have finished nothing. On the other hand, I have started nothing, despite the allure of freshly-dyed sock yarn. (I want extra credit for willpower!!!!) I finally gave in to the hive-mind and put in for a Ravelry invite. (What can I say? I’m slow.) Er, yeah… * You signed up on Today * You […]

Counting it up

Time spent in meetings and meeting related activities in the past 3 days: 33 hours Proportion of that time spent knitting: about 30% Socks finished: about 3/4 a sock, but in two different pairs. The bright stripy ones are done except for finish work, and the first jaywalker has a heel. Knitting needles broken: 1. […]

Those mittens…

… sat for many days, lacking only half a thumb. Really. 40 minutes of work if I watched TV while I did it, and yet… no thumb. Now, this isn’t an urgent project since I won’t be able to wear them until January without my fingers melting off, but still… half a thumb? So last […]

Instant gratification

As a break from the socks, I started a pair of mittens this weekend. Zoom! After working on socks on small needles, the heavy-weight mittens go extremely quickly. I’d seen thrummed mittens online and decided I must try it! A holiday weekend with temperatures in the high 80s F is a great time to start […]

Thinking about knitting Ia

Hm… After work today I was revisiting Annie Modesitt’s information on combined knitting. When I looked at it last year, I’d come to the conclusion that her method matched what I did, but I obviously didn’t pay enough attention! Taking only the knit stitch, since that’s what I wrote about and photographed already, the “cloth […]

Naalbinding for knitters

Let me preface this by saying that I adore the Yarn Harlot and read her blog and her books. I aspire to some day knit like that (and to have time to do it!) But nobody’s perfect, and when she ventured into the history of naalbinding and knitting in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off, she inspired […]

Long weekend

I took a four-day weekend. My mother came to town on Thursday, and this required half a day of frantic efficient housecleaning, so I just took the day off. We shopped for plants, and food (and ate very well over the weekend – Nick is an excellent cook). More on the plants later. My mother […]


My socks are taunting me. You see the problem – they are trying to get between me and my work, sticking their little toes out and trying to jump into my hand when I reach for an article. An impressive feat, when you consider that said socks consist entirely of one ankle piece. Why yes, […]

Thinking about knitting I

When I started knitting socks, rather than scarves and other flat rectangles, I got completely tangled in the decreases. I don’t knit like most people, and certainly not like any knitting pattern I’ve ever seen. I did a bit of research, and what I do is like what Annie Modesitt calls combined knitting (although I […]


So, you might ask… what have I been up to lately, in the way of string? Some fancy medieval thing, a new technique, an insane piece of tablet weaving? Nope, I’ve been knitting socks. A year ago, I was hunting for a pair of purple socks to go with a shirt I like, and no […]