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Changing seasons

Everyone is preparing for autumn. Baking season has begun, with sourdough cinnamon bread. Next week is my last field trip of the season. The bees are frantically collecting every last drop of nectar. Knitting is starting to sound appealing again. Working with wool just isn’t much fun during a 90F summer like we’ve had this […]

Tulip update

My mom called me to ask about the tulips. I said I’d post more photos, and that was a week ago… So I took some more yesterday. The early tulips are long gone, and the mid-season flowers are winding down. The late season tulips are just starting. We’ve had a string of cold days, so […]

Drip, drip

I continue to be fascinated with the icicles as they disappear and reform. Soon the roof will be clean and there will be no more. This morning the sky was not blue, but instead the color of snow. It’s warm here, so all that’s descending is rain. I want it to be spring, but this […]

Afghan insights

We haven’t come up with the printed pattern yet, though there have been some good suggestions for magazines to try that I’ll pass on to the lady with the afghan. Marie and I have been trying to reverse-engineer it on the LJ echo of that post. Here’s the close-up as a refresher (click for big, […]

The great afghan hunt

A lady brought an afghan to knitting night. She’d knitted it years ago and now wanted to make another one, but had lost the pattern. Can anyone help identify the pattern/book/magazine? A quick search of Ravelry didn’t find anything with both the bobbles and the slanted stitches (forming the attractive pointed edge). What do you […]

New music

Nick and I went shopping on Saturday afternoon. It felt like we visited every retail establishment in town, though of course that’s impossible. You should see the awesome Viking mittens I got at TJ Maxx – leather with fur cuffs! Our first stop, though, was Goodwill, home of random things that can be made into […]


Today was the first day of Penn State classes. My sleepy little town of 39,000 added 43,00 Penn State student, more than doubling in a single weekend. Every year it is just as disturbing to suddenly have hordes of undergrads disturbing the peace and quiet. Tonight was knitting night at the local public library. I […]

Events local to everyone

I forgot one! World Wide Knit in Public Day is this Saturday! There’s a State College meet-up in Central Parklet, hosted by the Centre Knitters Guild. It’s also quite likely that there is a meet-up somewhere near you, where ever you might happen to be. I won’t be there, alas: I’m running an SCA fiber […]

Reading knitters

Here’s another catch-up post… A knitting groups meets every other week at the State College public library. (Every other Monday from 6:30-8:30pm; check the calendar for exact weeks, and do come!) Beginners are welcome, and attendees knit or crochet, or once in a while other fiber arts. While I’m thinking of it, on July 13 […]

A distraction

I am buried in a pile of unfinished manuscripts, unsorted photographs, random links to be posted, incomplete blog posts, and skeins of yarn to be wound. To distract you from the chaos lurking behind the WordPress facade: enjoy!