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Doing what we do

This essay by Sara Lamb resonated with me: I told her I love textiles, I wish more people did, and wish more people understood what makes a good textile, what makes good technique, and in support of that, I am willing to share what I know. I know a very small portion of the textile […]

Not enough stuff

I don’t think I have enough things to actually make up a post, but I don’t want them to get lost, so here you are. A whole new perspective on Penn State squirrels Medieval medical science (yes with pictures; you’ve been warned) Commander Chris Hadfield on Zen Pencils. What are you going to do today?

Holiday spirits

By which I mean I made rumballs for the first time this weekend. Whyever did I not make those before? Gingersnaps work beautifully for the base. Spicy boozy goodness! Terri Windling is doing a series on her blog on desks: artists, writers, famous, little-known–they’re all there, and it’s fascinating. I love Christmas music, but only […]

Extreme Fiber Arts

It all began with a bet, of course: “Sir John Throckmorton laid a of a thousand guineas that at eight o’clock in the evening of June the 25th, 1811, he would sit down to dinner in a well-woven, properly-made coat, the wool of which formed the fleeces of sheeps’ backs at five o’clock that same […]


You’re in luck!!! I wrote a very long post early this morning about the excessively long and complicated day I had yesterday, punctuated by phrases like “11-hour work day” and “cumulative distribution function” and “vacuuming the couch”, and conspicuously lacking words like “knitting” or “yarn” or “beer”. But no sooner did I get it written […]

Creativity, inspiration and hard work

First, the background. Sara Lamb is a self-described teacher of “esoteric weaving skills”, with a penchant for low-tech and simple equipment. Unsurprisingly, I admire her work, being rather fond of that sort of thing myself. Our specific paths are rather different – she has gone the color route, and I’m more about structure – but […]

Happy Blogday!

First we had Houseday, and now it’s Blogday! (Why yes, it is all about me, thank you for noticing!) One year ago today was the first post on String Notes (although of course the whole stringpage site has been around for a while). Like many beginning bloggers, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with […]