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Quick pick-me-up

Today is a glum rainy day here in central Pennsylvania, and it’s a glum day for many in the US who didn’t get their taxes done early, so here are some bright cheery photos from a couple weeks ago. I took them as a break from doing my own taxes, so it seems proper to […]


In lieu of brains

Short on words, energy, brains… but I do have photos taken after work on this beautiful spring day. The crocuses are almost there. I could swear the tulips weren’t up when I left for work this morning. Even the lilac is getting in on the action. I had help checking out all the corners of […]


It was 72F today. I live in Pennsylvania. It is the first week of March. The previous record was 65F. Today beat the record by seven degrees. I was lured outside by the weather. It’s too early and too wet yet to do much in the yard and garden, but I cleaned up the front […]

Spring in Pennsylvania

… looks something like this. That’s the sidewalk under there, just after dawn sometime last week. We’d had a hard rain on frozen ground, with nowhere for all the water to go. I’m slowly digging myself out of this pile, and hope to be back to blogging regularly in a week or two. See you […]


In the interest of catching up on some back files (and in the interest of not having to actually think of anything to write today), here are some of this spring’s flowers. (How behind am I, you might ask? Well, none of these are still blooming.)

String and things for string

Whirlwind update with something for everyone. I’ve been collecting photos and not posting them, so here’s a catch-up photo essay. I have a new reel, complete with rotation counter, courtesy of Nick. It spins beatifully, although the counter-post is going to need some work. The furniture fairies (aka Nick’s parents) brought us some things last […]

Special bonus issue

As a Blogday Bonus, I give you yarn pron, sock yarn so fresh it isn’t even dry yet. (Though I certainly hope it’s dry by now, it wasn’t on Sunday when I took these pics.) All sock yarn, and the product of the first dye-studio binge of spring. (And I’m now completely out of sock […]

Say what???

Yesterday… pouring rain and cold. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the forecast for last night and this morning used the s-word*, although it was later changed to the f-word**. Sheesh! It’s nearly May, the flowers are blooming, the trees are leafing out… and the prognosticators invoke the s-word! I didn’t stay up late […]

Spring puppies

It’s spring outside my office. Even inside my office it isn’t so bad, now that I can have the window open most of the time. There are some advantages to being in a seventy-year-old building – the windows actually open. It’s a good year for anemones. They’ve spread into the lawn too. I’m very fond […]