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This is my least favorite time of year. Gray, chill, wet. All sorts of sludge falling from the sky – rain, snow, sleet – and coating everything. The thrill of inches of snow has worn off, and winter has lost its allure. There’s still a month or six weeks of foul weather to look forward […]

Fierce and Independent

Our house has carpet in the bedroom and the living room, but a wood floor in the hallway connecting the two. I was eating breakfast this morning, and pitiful whining came from the hallway. The dog is on a diet, so he’s very eager to get his breakfast as soon as I get up. The […]

The structure of things

In which Phiala talks very little about string. You can pretty much all skip this (except for the last paragraph). I spent the entire day wresting with structural equation modeling (SEM). Now, don’t get me wrong – I actually like statistics, and computer programming stuff, and have an R package on CRAN and everything. I […]