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Terrible horrible no good very bad month

You can read the full tale to date at my other blog, where I’ll be chronicling my latest adventure, but the short version is that no matter how healthy I am or how fine I feel, I’ve been diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. Yikes. I won’t be mentioning it much here, but intend to write […]

Widespread East Coast Mess

There’s a crow outside my window. Is that a good or bad omen, do you suppose? I have the usual list of excuses: Travelling upsets my routine and it takes a while to get back into blogging. I’m busy at work. All of my extra energy is going into other projects. The days have been […]

Dear Bank of America

The first I knew that my credit card number had been stolen was when I received a fraud notice from you. This was only a day after the number had been stolen, though the card was still in my possession. It must have been somebody at that restaurant we’d eaten at the night before. You […]


The Penn State farmer’s market had apples this week. They raise mostly heirloom and experimental varieties. Aren’t they pretty? The apple is crisp and tart, and very tasty. And no, I have no idea what it’s called, but will try to find out at next week’s market. I have two Things that must be done […]

More on the update

The “Recent Reads” widget is being wonky. I know about it, and thanks for noticing. Sometimes it works just fine, and sometimes it gives an error. If you hit reload book covers will eventually appear. The wonderful programmer has not yet figured it out, though other people than me have the same problem.


I am completely and totally done with the grant proposals. I have read a thousand pages of proposal, written my share of reviews, participated in an interminable conference call, and written my final summaries. Done. Except for the shredding. I gave up much of two weekends and many evenings to this volunteer activity, because that’s […]

The law of diminishing returns

After six proposals, the quality of the reviews tends to decline sharply. So the Internet ban is rescinded for the rest of the evening. It will return tomorrow though – there are still five to go. Here, as a diversion: Grendel when we got him as a “tiny” puppy. Grendel after he learned that going […]

Please help

I have 979 pages of grant proposals to read this weekend. If you see me wandering the internet, please smack me and tell me to go back to work. Ignore any and all pleading and claims of “just taking a break”. We all know how that works, don’t we? Just one blog, and three hours […]

Head, meet desk

Busily working through my negative exponentials, looking at the pretty brightly colored graphs (I think my favorite part of science might just be the pretty pictures), I started assembling conclusions for the paper I’m writing. But wait… these numbers just won’t do. I skipped a step way back at the beginning, and now must start […]


Need photocopy of work-thing. Look in project folder for work-thing’s project. Not there. Look in related folders. Look in desk drawer. I used this work-thing not that long ago, it should be on top somewhere (stratigraphy theory of organization). Work projects have topical folders, with reprints, data, notes, etc. all together. Sometimes they spawn and […]