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Widespread East Coast Mess

There’s a crow outside my window. Is that a good or bad omen, do you suppose? I have the usual list of excuses: Travelling upsets my routine and it takes a while to get back into blogging. I’m busy at work. All of my extra energy is going into other projects. The days have been […]


Though my world looks like this: the valiant petunias are still clinging to life. Looking a bit ragged, but still green and with flowers. Those petunias are tough.

The photo version

Fabulous: (photo languishing on my camera since Halloween) Not fabulous: (except that it’s a very appealing tree with its leaves off). It’s not supposed to even snow enough to shovel, but still…


Yep, that’s snow. (And Jess, that’s also the new Creamery, as seen from my office window.) Oddly, the petunias are still blooming; this was taken this morning as I left for work.

A short autumn

My personal marker for the end of summer is when the tomatoes freeze. If I can still pick fresh tomatoes off the vine, it’s still summer. This year, they made it until October 19, only ten days ago. The leaves aren’t all off the red maple in front of the house, I haven’t raked, and […]

Excuse me?

It isn’t a clear photo, but take a look at this black car. That’s roughly an inch of snow on top of it. Let me remind you, in case you are not paying attention, that today is the twelfth of May, which is supposed to be firmly spring in this part of the northern hemisphere. […]

Say what???

Yesterday… pouring rain and cold. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the forecast for last night and this morning used the s-word*, although it was later changed to the f-word**. Sheesh! It’s nearly May, the flowers are blooming, the trees are leafing out… and the prognosticators invoke the s-word! I didn’t stay up late […]


This is my least favorite time of year. Gray, chill, wet. All sorts of sludge falling from the sky – rain, snow, sleet – and coating everything. The thrill of inches of snow has worn off, and winter has lost its allure. There’s still a month or six weeks of foul weather to look forward […]

Yesterday’s news

[I mean the title literally – I took these photos yesterday, but didn’t have time to post them, as work is suffering extreme chaos right now. So pretend it isn’t sunny and warm (well, right around freezing, which is at least warmer), and instead, think of yesterday in central Pennsylvania.] I miss my dye studio. […]


One I could have written off as imagination, or perhaps stray plant bits flying past on the wind. But now, I’ve now seen five out my office window above the computer, and, well, they’re snowflakes. D’you suppose it’s time to think about turning the heat on?