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I get an unplanned afternoon off, courtesy of those cute little icicles on my patio chair.


I don’t have the plugins fixed. I don’t have the LJ Cross-posting working. But I do have photographic evidence of snow.


Snow in December is much less disturbing than snow in October. We’re up to an inch, or nearly, and it looks very attractive coating the trees. The ground isn’t frozen yet, so it’s just on the trees and grass. (All the fun, none of the shovelling!) I haven’t properly made it off the couch yet […]

This is gonna hurt

Wednesday morning. Friday morning (today). We got far too many inches of slushy wet snow. It started falling late-morning yesterday and continued through the night. Branches are down everywhere, and power was out in much of town. It went off at my house Even the National Weather Service said, effectively, “We know the snow is […]

Now hold it right there

Yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I posted a picture of our first hard frost. My tomatoes were still bushy and green, and covered in unripe fruit. Now just look at the poor things! It was raining this morning. Then the rain turned fluffy. And stayed that way. And kept falling. Now just look at this mess. Slush, […]


A week ago I saw the first tiny snowdrop shoot. Hooray! By Saturday afternoon, it had many companions. The little green shoots continued to emerge, but it was a bit hard to tell in Wednesday’s sleet. And this morning? They’re under there somewhere. I hope.

My morning commute

See the pretty shiny road? And the pretty shiny shrubbery? Easily the worst commute in the six years I’ve been here. This is the winter of ice, it seems. It’s still falling, predicted to continue and turn to snow over the course of the day, topping it all off with an inch of snow tonight.


The upload is now working, so I can share with you the current state of the interminable stripy socks. Finished. Both of them. That was my Christmas activity while spending time with family, and I grafted the toes on the 26th. (I managed to graft one of them purlwise – don’t tell anyone, okay?) And […]

The land of ice

This morning, I woke up to a world of this. Guess we won’t be traveling today. Tomorrow is supposed to be just fine. That gives me a full day to laze around, catch up online, bake cookies, wrap presents, listen to Christmas music…

Best of Storm

The storm was a dud for all purposes except photography. It never got cold enough for ice to accumulate, except in patches. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Trees and other exposed surfaces were well-coated. The holly was good, but I particularly like this tree catching the light from a sign. (Gets bigger if you […]