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I am again taking the easy way out, and posting someone else’s website instead of my own. I think after you get a look at Ullabenulla, you’ll completely forget that I’m such a slacker. (Laura should definitely spend some time here!) Also very interesting: Mia Wolff’s website. Both of these are more general art/artist sites, […]

All his fault

While I’m writing about Neil Gaiman, I should assign blame where it’s due. Without his evil influence, I might never have encountered FreeRice, a charity vocabulary site. (No, not donate a word to the illiterate, though that does have a certain appeal.) My record: Not that I’m competitive or anything…

One more thing

This article on art and productivity (and knitting!) would be a perfect lead-in to something I’ve planned, if only I were productive enough to have written it already.

Other people’s stuff

I don’t have anything new and entertaining of my own. There are piles of slightly-started articles, partly finished projects, and an abundance of vague concepts, but nothing as yet ready to share with the world. Unless you want to hear about my mammoth office-cleaning project, and the piles of paper to be recycled? Didn’t think […]

Web finds

I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was already in school. I remember practicing on a spool of rope while waiting for the schoolbus. There was a large window facing a half-mile clear chunk of road, so in the winter if you kept an eye on the top of the far hill, there […]

The structure of things

In which Phiala talks very little about string. You can pretty much all skip this (except for the last paragraph). I spent the entire day wresting with structural equation modeling (SEM). Now, don’t get me wrong – I actually like statistics, and computer programming stuff, and have an R package on CRAN and everything. I […]