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Writing bits

Writing about writing: An interview with John Scalzi, especially: TH: What are some of the things that inspire you? JS: I think the usual: paying my mortgage and other bills, buying groceries, people who I want to impress in some way for whatever reason. “Inspiration” as such doesn’t enter too much into the equation with […]

A tribute to John Scalzi

John Scalzi just won a Hugo for writing about bacon online. Or something like that. Scalzi was also nominated for Best Novel, and lost by only 9 votes, but the bacon is obviously far more important. So, to honor John Scalzi for his achievements, I present to you… … bacon chocolate cheesecake. No really. (And […]

Alexander Calder’s jewelry

I’ve always liked Alexander Calder’s work, especially the mobiles. The grace and the balance with which those red and black pieces of steel were assembled makes them a pleasure to watch. The mobiles especially hit that intriguing interface between art and mathematics and science. NPR this morning had an article on Calder’s jewelry in honor […]

Short stories

Continuing this week’s apparent writing theme, here’s a short bit by author and editor Nick Mamatas on what editors want from short stories. Not only is it inspiring, I acquired an excellent new phrase (embellished further in the comments). (I’m, er, not going to repeat it here so that my mother can maintain the appearance […]

Holiday fun

Complex Weavers was wonderful. I met many people, attended interesting classes, spent plenty of time on a hammock by the beach chattering away with Laura, and all the other things you might expect. Now I’m home, and engaged with yard work, house cleaning, and all those things that accumulate when you step out for even […]

The Internet is weird

Okay, I realize that the title of this post is both a: not news; and b: a vast understatement. Really, weird is the wrong word. Circuitous, synergistic, voyeuristic, participatory… I was reminded of the existence of a band I used to like, The Flash Girls, by a blog post a while ago. In my quest […]

That memey thing

Remember that meme that Abby tagged me for? I got tagged again (and I’m not going to do it over!), but that reminded me that I hadn’t quite finished. All that’s left is to tag some other people. This one seems to be rather popular, though, and everyone that I was thinking of tagging has […]

Saturday entertainment

Drinking coffee, waiting for the rain to begin, wandering the internet. I can’t share the coffee unless you come to visit, and you may not want the rain, but here are a couple of webfinds for you. First, sheep! By way of The Journal of Mythic Arts comes the Celtic Myth Podshow, readings from Celtic […]

Found one

Every so often I go looking for local-to-me fiber arts blogs, mostly from idle curiousity, but also to find out what’s going on in the local fiber community. Today I didn’t have to go looking: if you see something labeled “Happy Valley” in the comments on Crazy Aunt Purl, it’s certain to be fiber arts, […]

Today is many things

Today is the vernal equinox – the days will now be longer than the nights in the northern hemisphere. Hooray! And I think I’ve finally adjusted to this ridiculously early daylight savings time thing. The combination of traveling and time changing was difficult this year, though it did provide more light for driving around in […]