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That was an earthquake! No, really. Twitter tells me it was felt all over the east, very nearly, and into Ohio, including right here in my very own office. There were three separate but close together rumbles in my upstairs office. Nick and the critters completely missed it: so much for the earthquake predicting powers […]

Photos! On Thursday!

And they’re even this week’s! The list: Bug Feet Seasonal chore Multicolored Time They all came from work, taken in between interminable and frustrating sessions of banging my head on the keyboard. Resolved now, I think, but several days of agony were involved. Bug: Tamie’s screenbug, possibly the best thing I’ve gotten her for cat-sitting. […]

Ply-splitting and tablet weaving

Got some spare time at the end of August? Want to spend that time playing with string? I’ve got just the thing! I will be filling in for Linda Hendrickson as the instructor of a five-day ply-split and tablet weaving workshop at Peters Valley Craft Center. It will be awesome, and there’s still time to […]

Right then

Thursday photos? We got those. More than I’ve been able to upload, as my home internet has been wonky for weeks, and I’ve been far too busy at work to sneak in a few minutes of photo uploading there. But the home internet seems to be functioning today, and I got the photos uploaded. I’m […]

Bad blogger, no biscuit

Look! Over there! A Viking! The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Computer woes

I have a netbook, and it goes everywhere with me (nearly; the Nook Color is much smaller and has superseded it for some excursions). It’s in the kitchen a lot, for looking up recipes, playing music, chatting while I cook. I’ve gotten flour in it, chocolate, all sorts of things, but it’s a robust little […]

The rest of the story

Besides yesterday’s sugar-laden photo opportunity, I took a complete set of more usual scavenger-hunt photos, and I’m even posting them less than a day later. (See everyone’s results.) Squares Shadow I was hoping to spot something more interesting, but at least it wasn’t raining this Thursday as it has for the past couple weeks. Teenager […]


And it’s Thursday. So, combining the two, we get Scavenger Cake. No, wait. Photo Cake, that’s it! The photo challenge this week is by me, which made the following silliness possible. After last week’s theme set, Tamie took on the challenge of embodying the entire list in cake form. She bribed me into telling her […]

Important things

I ate the first raspberries today, three of them. There was another, but it would have required protective gear to reach, and I was in shorts. This is going to be a good year for raspberries. The fireflies are gearing up to their full show. I think I might have figured out how to photograph […]


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