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Weaving 101: Warping

[Edit: Rewrote the first two paragraphs to make it clear that you need warping posts AND some kind of loom-equivalent.] Okay, you’ve all got string and pencils, right? You will also need something to wind the warp around to measure it – two chair backs, a couple of c-clamp – two adjustable but more-or-less stable […]

Weaving 101: Introduction

Like any other activity, weaving has its own terminology. Taking the time to learn a few new words now means that you will be able to follow anyone’s explanations and read any introductory weaving book. It also means that if you run into problems, you can clearly and concisely ask for help. Weaving is a […]

Getting your string in shape

So you rushed out and bought some weaving yarn, right? (Any excuse for stash enhancement, right, and “Phiala told me to!” has been used in the past to good effect.) If you bought something on a cone or ball, then you can skip all of the steps on the rest of this page. But read […]

Start with the string

You walk into a craft store, WalMart, or preferrably your local yarn shop (LYS), or you browse one of the many online pushers purveyors of fine string. You want to start your first weaving project, but the choices are overwhelming – wool, acrylic, cotton, linen, silk, smooth, fuzzy, fat thin… HELP! If you are in […]

Something’s missing…

Anyone who’s known me for a while or browsed my website knows that I engage in a wide range of stringy activities: spinning, dyeing, felting, naalbinding, sprang, braiding, you name it I’ve tried it. There’s no knitting on my main web page (though that will change, I’m sure), no crochet, tatting or a few other […]