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Event wrap-up and new toy

F^n was this past weekend. This was the eighth year for this SCA fiber arts symposium, and the first time under new management. All went very well, though there were some glitches – only to be expected when switching event staff. (It started out as FFF – Fiber, Fabric and Fighting – and has added […]

Puzzle [solved already]

Regular readers know that I occasionally post a puzzle. People email me with photos of odd things, and I ask the textile HiveMind for help (and if you have a puzzler, please send it!). [This one was solved before I even got to post it, since I happened to mention this item to a friend […]

Sour Apple Flavored Calamari Treats*

A few brief things, before I forget about them: The call for papers for Textilforum 2010 is now available. Workshop proposals are due by 15 April; the deadline for regular presentations is 2 May. A friend sent me a link for high-resolution tapestry weaving with images by various artists. The technology involved is quite impressive. […]


The event was fabulous, thanks to many, many helpful volunteers. Nobody went hungry, and I saw some folks even taking seconds. I’ll put recipes up soon, but not tonight. Since I’m too tired to do much other than lay around on the couch with the dog and the cat, instead I’ll catch up on some […]

Three things

I’ve spent most of the week here, and will be returning shortly. Regular updates shall resume once I recover from the Middle Ages. My mother’s birthday present was off the loom, fringed, washed and mailed in time to arrive before her birthday. This is nothing short of miraculous, I’ll have you know. She claims to […]

Weaving and wool

Feeling left out because Ravelry is for knitters (even though there are weavers there – the first thing I did was set up a tablet weaving forum)? Not interested in recording your needle sizes? Try Weavolution. Looms, drafts, sett, but also the old standbys of projects and forums. Give it a whirl – I’d love […]

Extreme Fiber Arts

It all began with a bet, of course: “Sir John Throckmorton laid a of a thousand guineas that at eight o’clock in the evening of June the 25th, 1811, he would sit down to dinner in a well-woven, properly-made coat, the wool of which formed the fleeces of sheeps’ backs at five o’clock that same […]

New (old) loom

My mother picked me up a present at a rummage sale this summer, and I finally got to see it when I visited for Thanksgiving. This is the box I was presented with… .. and its contents. She called me from the sale to inquire whether the loom was worth the (low) price being asked, […]


Thursday morning I set off for the Poconos. It’s about a three-hour drive, through lovely rural Pennsylvania (on an interstate, but rural despite that), through hills and farmland, and through some peak fall colors. The weather was lovely, and the trees were gorgeous. I could trace the topography in the colors: green in the valleys, […]

Still life with tomatoes and manuscript

Bread, cheese (in wax!), fresh basil, and the very first of the tomatoes! Of the fancy heirloom tomatoes, the Flamme wins the prize for earliest. The Sioux did not thrive, and won’t produce any fruit. We’ll see about the other two. Even the volunteer black cherry tomatoes didn’t start to ripen until this week. They […]