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The fiber arts symposium was a smashing success, the best one ever! Things went smoothly, the food was excellent, the classes were well-attended and well-liked, and site cleanup was quick and easy. The 11 houseguests all found places to sleep, and we had enough coffee for the 13 people (plus the two of us) who […]


Background information: I organize a fiber arts symposium each year, either one or two weekends before US Thanksgiving. Person A is flying out this year to teach, and then to spend Thanksgiving with me (Hi person A!). Person B and her family have a standing invitation to stay with me (3 adults, 1 child). Total […]


Q: What’s even better than figuring out the answer to the difficult problem you’ve been working on on Friday afternoon so you can relax over the weekend? A: Having it still make sense when you get to work after the long weekend!

A bit of everything

I have been berated for the lack of updates here. Sometimes it isn’t so convenient to work in the office next to one of your most faithful blog readers. So, without further ado, an update on all the forty-leven things I’ve been working on, or as many as I can cram into my lunchbreak. And […]

No string for me

I had such grand plans for the day… I was going to wind up some yarn, and do a bit of dyeing, work on the Lithuanian weaving that I started a couple weeks ago, maybe start the new weaving piece (and associated blog-article), finish the Jaywalkers, spend some time with the new books… But first, […]

Moving up in the world

The Google thing must be working – I got my first comment spam today. I suppose there’s a down-side to everything…


So I’ve been doing forty-leventeen jillion things at once, it seems like (and not one of them involves cleaning the house). (Or rather, that’s not true. I cleaned the dog drool off the picture window. I think this must involve Grendel standing on the couch slobbering over the back, or something else equally disgusting.) Certainly […]

Death to the Annoying!

In honor of Halloween, and of the paper I’m writing, I decorated my office door this morning. Didn’t help.

And the winner is…

Marion! But only by a day… one day earlier and Sara would have taken the prize. from “” to date Oct 17, 2007 11:56 AM Thank you all for participating! Marion, I’ll be in touch about your new sock yarn. (Hm… you might have to help me figure out international shipping.) For anyone who’s […]

Random update

First of all, the Ravelry contest. As best I can count, I got 6 entries. One of the lucky 6 will win the pretty, pretty sock yarn! Here are the guesses: Sara Fail – Oct 13, 2007 (hm, I like this one – that’s this weekend!) Marion – Oct 20, 2007 Tamie – Dec 3, […]