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New goodies online

The snow is gone, and we’re back to a normal, even warm, Pennsylvania autumn. Yesterday I spent reading novels and watching it snow, but today has been nicely productive. My presentation from Textilforum is now available online as a web-based slide show or a black-and-white PDF. No idea why the latter isn’t in color – […]

In the garden

The weather continues to be odd. Frost last night, 80F today. I want to plant tomatoes and other veggies this weekend. but not unless I think the frost is over. Frankly, I’m not yet convinced. It seems like all my free time has been spent cutting grass and trying to keep ahead of the Dandelion […]

More medieval housewife

Since I didn’t get any pictures of myself at the demo, I made sure to get a few this past weekend. I’m about to lose my veil! I think this may be the best photo of Grendel I’ve ever taken. I didn’t get it in time for last weekend’s trip, as the car place decided […]

Monday cheer

Tamie pointed out that it has been in the high 80s for the past three days, so even if frost really did happen last week, it is no longer appropriate. Instead, here’s a quick bit of cheer for Monday morning. More actual content later today, if all goes as planned. (Yeah, I know…)

Not tonight

I had plans for a post about the first frost of the season last night, and the fall garden, and finishing the first sleeve of my first sweater, but you know, I’m tired. Tonight, you get good intentions, but no followthrough, and I get to curl up on the couch with a fluffycat and Patrick […]


Oh right… I never posted any Pennsic photos! (And I keep forgetting to do so… these have been sitting for a couple days after I loaded them into WordPress.) Tournament of the Thirty: The big field battle: Confed and friends, sweaty, stinky and happy:

Sheep cartoon

Here. Ouch!

I’ve been slimed!

No wait, that’s memed, which appears to be rather different. Sort of. Abby tagged me for an “about you” style meme. I have a bit of time this morning, so here goes! The rules as I know them: “The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. […]

Er, oops?

I am here for a conference: That’s the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace conference center in Madison, WI, one of my favorite cities to visit. I’m staying in the Hotel Ruby Marie, just down the street. I wanted something less expensive and less bland that the conference Hilton. The risk of exploring like this is […]

Professional responsibilities

Apparently one of my professional responsibilities is eating. I spent the day at a Pennsylvania agriculture conference, and I think I spent the entire day eating and sitting. It always amazes me how tiring that is. There were some very interesting talks, and some talks on aspects of agriculture that I know nothing about, so […]