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I am mighty

I’m not quite done – they still need mulched around the edges – but all three raised beds are in and filled and planted. Tomatoes, peppers, and lots of things from seed. Some of the seed was several years old; no idea what will actually come up. By a conservative estimate, I moved a thousand […]

Scenic stripmalls

I had to take my car in for some work today. Nothing major, just state inspection and such, so I thought I’d work in the bookstore/coffeeshop while I waited for it. The mechanic opens earlier than the bookstore, so I took a stroll around the enormous parking lot complex while I waited. I had no […]

Further information

Laura would like me to know that wasp nests can be used for artistic purposes, and that I should rush out and save it from slow decay. I have to admit, those are rather nice. But I’m afraid after a winter in a tree it’s not all that artistic. If I take regular photos of […]


So here’s a distraction.

Fleas on rats

Isn’t that wonderful? And, unrelatedly (or is it?): I need this. For my office door at work, of course.


Thank you for your patience. Here’s your reward.

Testing take 2

I’m almost out of coffee, so you won’t be subjected to much more of this.

Rainy morning

And I am drinking a lot of coffee and testing some blog things. Apologies for the extraneous micro-posts.

FFFFF 2010

I’m very pleased to announce that ACG, the next SCA group to the east, has stepped in to resolve the staffing difficulties that forced me to cancel FFF. It is ON!!! And thank you to Denys and all the folks who offered to help out to make this happen. I have as yet very little […]

A new decade

I’ve been notably absent, but I can finally tell you a bit about one of the things that’s been taking up the word quota. My first published piece of fiction appeared today at Crossed Genres, just in time for my fortieth birthday. I managed to meet a ridiculous number of June deadlines, more of which […]